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Business Type: Sports Timing App

Timeline: 3 months

Key results: ResultSheet has become the leading Time Trial results app in the UK

Tech services provided

  • Core platform built on bubble
  • Responsive web app for desktop, tablets and mobile
  • Integration with CTT and Spindata APIs using bubble API connector
  • Stripe integration for billing
Sales & Marketing services provided

  • WordPress based website
  • Facebook page and groups configuration
Legal services provided

  • Website terms and conditions
  • Customer agreements
  • Partner agreements
  • Privacy policy
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Case Study

The Challenge

Organising cycling time trials poses numerous challenges, including manual timekeeping, data entry errors and delayed result announcements. Event organisers struggled with outdated systems, relying on pen-and-paper methods or generic spreadsheet solutions that were not tailored to their specific needs. The need for a comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient solution became apparent to elevate the entire time trial experience.

The Solution: ResultSheet Real-Time Results App

ResultSheet partnered with StartHQ and embarked on a 3-month development to create a bespoke app addressing the pain points of cycling time trial organisers. The core features of the app included:

  1. Easy result capture: The app enables organisers to easily capture results using any type of device
  2. Real-time results: Results are delivered in real-time to mobile devices, large screens and projectors
  3. Automatic industry standard calculations: The app will automatically produce results based on industry standard age group calculations
  4. Support for split timing: Multiple results per rider can be recorded over longer events
  5. Full API: Users can integrate with the app using the API
  6. Stripe integration: Users can subscribe to the various price options using a credit card

Implementation and Impact

Upon the initial release of the ResultSheet App, the impact was immediate and profound. Organisers experienced a significant reduction in administrative tasks, enabling them to focus more on event logistics and participant experience. The live results feature received positive feedback from participants and spectators alike, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the events.

In a nutshell the system is brilliant, it transforms the role of organising an event and really is a game-changer.

Legal Support

In addition to app development, ResultSheet also needed help getting a sound legal foundation in place to support the business longer term. After an initial consultation, StartHQ provided the following:

  1. Website terms and conditions: The website usage policies
  2. Customer agreement: A set of terms to cover usage of the app by ResultSheet clients, the cycling clubs
  3. Partner agreements: Agreements to cover the relationship with the Time Trial governing bodies such as the Cycling Time Trials Association and the Veterans Time Trials Association
  4. Privacy policy: Terms to support data protection compliance

These documents were all delivered within a few weeks following the initial evaluation by the StartHQ legal team.

Results and Conclusions

Partnering with StartHQ, ResultSheet was able to rapidly deliver what is now the market leading results app for the time trialling community. Event organisers have reported the following benefits:

  1. Time Savings: Organisers reported a significant reduction in the time required to manage events, allowing them to focus on creating a more engaging and enjoyable experience for participants.
  2. Accurate Results: The automated timing system led to a marked decrease in errors, ensuring fair and accurate results for all participants.
  3. Increased Rider Satisfaction: Participants appreciated the real-time results and the overall efficiency of the events, leading to increased satisfaction and higher attendance rates.
  4. Positive Brand Image: Event organisers saw an improvement in their brand image, as the adoption of innovative technology contributed to a modern and professional event experience.

The success of the app enabled ResultSheet to begin generating revenue in 2023, placing the business on sound footing for the next phase of growth.

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