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Initial discovery call

A no obligation call that normally lasts around 30-45 minutes and the opportunity to get to know each other. We will be looking to understand the business problem you are looking to solve, your idea and how far down the process of creating a business you are. We should be able to give you an indication after this call whether we feel we can help you and what legal services you are likely to need in addition to the software build.

Deep dive analysis and legal risk assessment

This is the stage where you talk us through how you see your idea working in practice when turned into a software product. We will be looking to get as much detail as possible, so any work you have already done to document your idea will be used at this point. A key focus will be to prioritise the features to settle on the scope of a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be delivered quickly and cost effectively. We will also perform a legal risk assessment to ensure that features are designed and implemented to minimise your compliance burden.

Scope confirmation and sweat equity

After digesting the output from the deep dive, we will confirm the scope of the deliverables, the legal services required and provide a project estimate. We will also discuss sweat equity discounts at this point. This is the stage where you give the green light to proceed with the project.


Core development

During this stage, we will use leading no-code tools to build out your product. The use of no-code platforms mean we can develop your product much faster than traditional coding and can quickly iterate development. We will keep you updated throughout, meaning no surprises once the build is complete.


Website, social and sales

Your new company website will be built on the market leading WordPress platform. With the help of AI, the website will cover the core information required for visitors to understand you and your product, provide a method to get in touch and enable users to sign up. We can also create a supporting Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn page and create a sales script for your business development team to follow.

Legal documentation

Having built your MVP we are in an ideal position to design tailored legal documentation that perfectly manages the risks inherent to your business and optimises user experience. We can also assist you with choosing insurance that covers the specific areas that your business is exposed, saving you money and time. This ensures you are on a sound legal footing for launch as well as providing a solid legal foundation on which to grow.

Product launch

Your website will be enabled and your product moved into the live environment ready for users to begin signing up. You will now effectively have a tech company with a live product so you can congratulate yourself at this point 😀


Scaling your product

As you begin to grow, users will ask for additional features to meet the demand of their market, helping you validate your product roadmap. We can support you on this next phase of growth via our “MVP-as-a-Service” and “Law-as-a-Service” price plans that deliver ongoing development and legal services for a simple monthly fee.

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